Fish Processing Machinery

Flökunarvél C2011
Flökunarvél C2011

Filleting Machine C2011

The new C2011 whitefish filleting machine offers a high and consistent yield, achieved by a robust and reliable design…

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Brýningavél C2015

Sharpening Machine C2015

The C2015 knife sharpening machine offers a simple and effective way to sharpen various sizes of circular knives for…

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Roðflettivél C2031

Skinning Machine C2031

NEW CURIO C2031 SKINNING MACHINE FOR WHITEFISH & SAlMON The Curio C2031 fish skinning machine is a…

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Hausari C3027

Heading Machine C3027

The C-3027 Heading machine is specifically designed for heading of white fish such as cod, haddock, saithe and other…

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Excellent reputation

Curio produces five different fish processing machines that have excellent reputation for good use in recent years. The machines handle heading, filleting, skinning and sharpening and they can of course be set for numerous different seafood species.

Icelandic ingenuity

The Curio operation simmers with a passion for craftsmanship, technology and unbound imagination. We bring together the devotion inherent in handmade machinery parts, technical innovation and Icelandic ingenuity – and with this magical mix we assemble potent seafood processing machines with a strong character and a great performance.

Spare parts in stock

We are proud of our machines. This pride is evident in the machines themselves and we further emphasise it with superb service and with a full range stock of all spare parts at all times. We ship our parts to our customers worldwide.

Online Shop / Open 24/7

Our online shop for ordering spare parts are open 24/7. You can also contact us by phone Tel: +354 587 4040 and our staff will respond quickly.
Curio has full range of all spare parts on stock at all times. We ship our parts to our customers worldwide. (The shop is only accessible for registered users.)

Curio has operated at Eyrartrod 4 in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland since 2011. Curio is also located on Eyrartrod 14 in Hafnarfjordur and in Husavik in North Iceland.

Eyrartrod 14 is a part of the Installation machine department. Some of the spare parts for electric are also kept here in stock. Curio technical design departments is located in this building and more.

A part of the production department is located at Höfða 9 á Húsavík. We ship the parts that are built here to our main building for installation.

Curio is developing a new machine, the 4Cwhite. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 814437